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ETNO Revista de música y cultura
IASPM - Espana
Musicalogía feminista
IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music

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Introduction to the Special Issue

Úrsula San Cristobal (Independent researcher)

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How should we research on the vocal expression in music? How shall we enter a realm where the relationship between sound and meaning is such a complex one? How shall we deal with the philosophical and historical aspects of vocal performance? How can we then examine the connections between the singing voice, the body and genderin the opera? How shall we go about and study the reconstruction of early vocal performances in today's context? And what about the anthropological aspects of the voice in the context of mediatization? These questions are just the starting point of this dossier, whose essays and contributions aim to illustrate the polyhedral nature of the singing voice through different methodological approaches: from philosophy to historical musicology, including ethnomusicological perspective.

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TRANS - Revista Transcultural de Música