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ETNO Revista de música y cultura
IASPM - Espana
Musicalogía feminista
IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music

How to cite TRANS

For citing an article published in TRANS, we suggest the following format:

Author (last name, name). Year of the issue. “Article”.
TRANS-Transcultural Music Review Number of issue (number of article).
[Accessed day, month, year].


Cusick, Suzanne G. 2006. “Music as torture/ Music as weapon”.
TRANS-Transcultural Music Review 10 (article 11).
[Accessed 15 May 2007].

Vila, Pablo. 1999. “Review of John Shepherd y Peter Wicke’s
Music and Cultural Theory”. TRANS-Transcultural Music Review 4 (article 6).
[Accessed 7 February 1999].

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